We have breathed our interest in imagining fashion since we were little. Our mother, Rosa Prado, used to make her own designs thinking of her and us; But it wasn't until a trip she made with friends to Shanghai, where she discovered workshops with high-quality fabrics and very good tailors, which allowed her to make her ideas come true.

This was how she was able to create her first collection and sell it from her own showroom.

In 2019 we were lucky to be able to accompany her to Shanghai and also be able to carry out our own designs. We couldn't believe it!

The high quality of these fabrics, in designs that we liked, we could only have in this way. Otherwise, it would have been unreachable for us.

Our friends really encouraged us to launch our own collection through a website. And so it was born unpradorosa.

A brand that we want to share with everyone who has our style. I hope you are one of them!

Thanks for the opportunity...